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Ghoul in green by TheGrinningGhoul Ghoul in green by TheGrinningGhoul
The Ghoul
Real Name: Joey Crown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: White (as Joey Crown - Brown)
Hair: Black with white stripe (as Joey Crown - Black)
Age: 28 (at death)
Occupation: (demogorgon) Lighthouse Keeper, former paparazzi
Identity: Publicly known but generally disbelieved
Place of Birth: Detroit Michigan
Known Relatives: George (father), Karen (mother), Michael, George jr (brothers)
Base of Operations: Black Rock Lighthouse
Origin: Joey Crown was the youngest son of George Crown, a city worker who worked in "hero clean up", a special division of city sanitation. As a child Joey loved to listen to the tales of superheroes from his father. The tales of heroism and excitement fulled his imagination and desire to change the world.

For Christmas Joey chose to see his most beloved hero (and leader of the super group "The Right") The National Guard, instead of getting a new bike. When The National Guard failed to show, young Joey was devastated. His father was later apprehended by The National Guard while stealing a bike for his son. This left Joey with a supreme hatred for heroes.

Joey dedicated his life to showing the world how disgusting heroes really were. As part of the superhero paparazzi he became well known for candid photographs of heroes unmasked or caught in compromising positions. This made him unpopular with heroes, but made him friends with villains and ex-heroes.

While trailing The National Guard, Joey uncovered a plot of the hero to add the villain The Necromaster in payment for resurrecting the life of his teammate the beloved Public Defender. Joey sacrificed himself to save the city and was killed by The National Guard.

7 days after his death Joey rose from the grave. With the help of his friend (and sometimes heroine "Wicked") Helena Handbasket, Joey hopes to learn more about his curse and powers. Joey Crown now ";The Ghoul" is a kind of doorman to the afterlife. His sacrifice balancing out a life of wickedness. He has been given a chance to redeem his soul. The Ghoul must serve for a hundred years keeping out souls not ready to pass over into the realm of the dead. The Ghoul is led to souls in peril by the light from a phantom lighthouse that also serves as his home and base of operations.

Powers: As the current lighthouse keeper The Ghoul is bestowed with flight, super strength, night vision, regeneration and on rare occasions fire breath.

Black Rock Light House is an extremely powerful occult site. It moves through space by otherworldly power. The lighthouse seems to change slightly depending on keeper at that time. It’s light focuses on a target for the lighthouse keeper to rescue. Because of it’s mystic nature only those sensitive to the paranormal can see the lighthouse or it’s light.

Because The Ghoul is dead he doesn't require oxygen or food to live. This also protects him from most poisons and toxins. A few people have commented that he smells like honey.

The Ghoul has learned one magic spell from his friend Wicked, that allows him to appear as before his death for up to 1 hour a day.

"The Ghoul" has a startling appearance, blue skin and white eyes making him very reconcilable and distinct.

Wounds inflicted with silver seem to do more damage and take longer for his regeneration to repair.

Like all past lighthouse keepers “The Ghoul” can be killed if he is beheaded or has his heart removed. Upon his death or the end of his hundred years a service a new lighthouse keeper will be selected. “The Ghoul” became the latest lighthouse keeper when the previous lighthouse keeper “The Frightman” had his heart removed by the headless mobster “Frankie Faceless”.

Allies: Wicked (Helena Handbasket), Evolving Man (Henry McCord), Randy “The Nasty Teen Beaver” and Nightingale

Enemies: The Right (National Guard, Public Defender, Elephant, Uncle Slam, Amendment 2.0), The Crusaders (The Inquisitor, Resurrector, The Revelator, Pastor Power, Father Fabulous), Scare Tactics (The Necromaster, Sucker Punch, Hellraiser, Fearleader, Fang Fatal, Pumpkin Face), Red Hot, Olympus, The Speaker, Kroth “King of the Yetis” and Frankie Faceless
tigerztale Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Professional Writer
lol, nice character it has a nice humorous flavor to it ;)
TheGrinningGhoul Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008
BizDaGhost Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008
so..uh... where's the story, goulie?

Like the idea so far... the Secretly-villainous-Hero-faker-unmasker of Undead Heroness...

Psychobilly FREAKOUT!
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